Self-Limiting Beliefs Holding Your Writing Business Back

The greatest obstacle to achieving success is yourself. These limiting mindsets could be what’s preventing you from creating more in your freelance writing business and reaching your entrepreneurial goals. In my latest Copy Magnet TV episode, I identify self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from the future you envision for yourself; and steps to move forward.
Preparation+ Faith+Timing = Infinite Possibilities. ????
I remember sitting on my couch five years ago in shock when I received a payment for $1375 from a copywriting client. It was SURREAL??
Fast forward to today, and I’ve done 12x that amount each year since working only PART-TIME as a freelance copywriter. Once I gained my confidence and honed in on my niche industries, the projects and referrals kept rolling in continually. I know how it feels to think you don’t have the skills or connections to create, grow, and maintain a successful freelance business. I’m here to tell you that you can indeed turn your passion for writing into a profitable and sustainable business.
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