You didn't start your business to blend in, and neither did I.

My copywriting services offer more than just clever words and phrases; I take the time to really understand your brand, so that your messaging creates an authentic brand touchpoint that speaks directly to your customers ethos. 


in case we haven't met yet...

Hi, I'm Michelle Farley.

A.K.A The Writer Lady

I'm a copywriting strategist and consultant. I help businesses gain a competitive edge, stand out online, build credibility and get more clients.

As a kid, my imagination ran wild and I filled notebooks with creative ideas and stories of seemingly regular children doing extraordinary things. To nurture my creative spirit, I earned a B.A and M.F.A in creative writing and later established a boutique copywriting agency, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and brands effectively share their stories with the world.

As a professional copywriter and consultant, I'm experienced in applying creative copywriting and content creation to help fuel marketing initiatives that grow businesses and amplify their visibility - online and offline. I craft engaging tones and use language to deliver effective campaigns with a great return on investment. My human-centric writing style provides powerful messaging that creates a desire for the advertised product or service, incites people into action, and satisfies my client's expectations by clearly outlining the unique selling points so people can readily understand them and search engines.

Let's Work Together!

In the world of business, time is precious, and every moment counts. 

You're navigating meetings, juggling priorities, and those surprise projects that seem to pop up just when you need them least. That's where I step in – as a dynamic extension of your internal communications team. I don't just write words; I craft compelling narratives that engage, entice, and convert.

Your Solution, Your Partner:

Let's be real. I'm not here to just brag about my creative prowess. I'm here to be your solution, your helping hand, your trusted partner in turning your ideas into impactful campaigns. Whether you're a small business, a nonprofit striving to make a difference, or somewhere in between, I've got your back.

Unleash Your Potential:

Together, we'll dive into the heart of your brand, uncovering the essence that sets you apart. I'll take your visions and dreams, weave them with words that resonate, and transform them into marketing initiatives that pack a punch. 


What I'm most proud of:


Entrepreneurs, Influencers & Thought Leaders

People rely on me when they’re in need of impactful copy that gets results.

12 years


I am dedicated to  creating compelling, highly persuasive, and honest copy that increases connection  and facilitates higher-lead generation.